You should not be different from your competition!

You should be better.

Here’s the difference between ‘Being Different’ and ‘Being Better’.

It’s a good thing to have competition out there in the market because having competition means:

  • The market is educated about what you are doing.

  • There are people/businesses who find value in what you hope to do.

These 2 assumptions get validated by the very presence of a formidable competition. Now comes the question of how do you position yourself?

Since almost all the potential Investors, cool Incubators and articles like these keep on asking you “How are you different than your competition?”, you start thinking of your own business in the same way. You start asking yourself as well; “how are we different?” and “what else can we do to differentiate ourselves from your competition?”

The thing is,

Different is not always better.

By definition, it is something that din’t exist before. This means it may be accepted or may not be and the 2 core validations that we talked about above, now, go out the window. Since you are different, you are going to have to educate the market and then convince them of value in your business/product/idea which is an expensive job to do.

Think about it.

Facebook was not different than Orkut or Apple was not different than IBM or Google was not different than AltaVista; they were better, much better and hence they are where they are today.

I would ask you to consider asking yourself; “How is your idea/business/product better than what exists today in the market?” This may not bring disruptions but it will surely help you in starting, building and running a reasonable startup.

Let us all be

Until Next Time,



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