Why are we building a Free Invoicing Software?

At Gridle, we serve over 500 businesses and 6000 teams with our collaboration products, services and solutions.

Over 96% of decision makers in these small businesses spend disproportionate amount of time in realising revenue while their core focus should be growth.

We wanted to change that.

Following are some of the reasons that pushed us to build a completely free Invoicing Software!

1. None of the Invoicing Softwares are Free

Sure they tell you it is. But it’s not.

But as soon as you start looking for a valuable feature, you’ll see an upgrade modal window asking for money. In some softwares, you can’t add more than 5 customers, in others you can’t use templates and in some ridiculous ones, they ask for a percentage cut! I mean the audacity to ask for a percentage of your earnings for something thats so simple, it’s mind boggling.

2. It’s totally unproductive

Specifically for any services agency or a small group of freelancers, the time that should go into focusing on their work and delivering actual value, actually ends up going into creating and following up for payments from their clients.

3. Huge scope for Automation

  • Creation of invoice

  • Creation of customer

  • Sending reminders to customers

  • Pooling items to create invoice

All of these above tasks and some more can be totally and completely automated by a software if they are correctly set up at the beginning. This takes away a huge amount of repetitive tasks which stop you from focusing on your growth.

4. Lastly, it’s our itch to scratch

As a startup (read: small business) a large amount of our revenue would stay outstanding and this would create issues in our cash-flow and deter our growth since we were not able to invest the funds and experiment.

Before we started all this, we ourselves looked at our excel sheets and were dumbfounded of how much we could have done if we got paid on time!

We wanted to figure out if we were the only ones facing this issue or others are also in the same boat and to our surprise, it’s the same everywhere! We wanted to do something about it and this is out way of doing it.

So, if you are a small agency or a group of freelancers, sign up today for our genuinely free invoicing software below.

It has everything you need from Invoicing and Reporting to Expenses and Time-Tracking, all in one intuitive and deeply customisable platform.

Cheers, -Yash


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