Speed is Everything!

Execute fast. Building an App will always take longer than you planned it to. Always.

This is a universal truth that just about everyone knows, but it’s still an important lesson we’ve learned building Gridle, so it bears repeating.

What’s worse is that the longer you take developing and building your app means less money in your pocket.

That’s for a couple of reasons:

  • It decreases the return on your investment, whether that’s because of an increased cost per user acquisition or failure to timely deliver proposed operational cost reductions.

  • Opportunity cost is also a cost of your app and you have to factor that into building it. You can miss out on a chance to make money because you missed an opportunity.

  • If you’re paying developers or designers, the longer you employ them the more you will have to pay them.

What can be learnt?

When you have a chance to speed up the development of your app, take it. Keep moving and keep focused.

This helps you build quickly, and keep your momentum moving so you don’t miss out on chances to capitalize on opportunities, and paying people you don’t need to.

Learn the 80/20 principle. That means that 80% of the things you want your app to do is accomplished by only 20% of the technology.

The 20% is called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and it’s the basis for everything that will come in the future. Define your MVP early as part of your plan.

Because there comes a time where budget will run out, time will run out, or some other resource will run out. Then you’ll have to decide what to stop developing, and what to focus on.

When that time comes, having an MVP will help you determine which feature or function can be sacrificed without compromising the entire project.

Without an MVP to clarify between Nice to Have and Need to Have, development will bottleneck as arguments and conflicts over what can go will halt production.

When you use this lesson, you will discover that it will speed up your production as you eliminate all the extra things in your app and remove bottlenecks that delay your launch.

Gridle’s core philosophy incorporates this 80/20 approach to rapidly accelerate app development.

After building our own apps we learned almost all of them share 80% of functionality. We use our development platform to quickly and easily replicate those features at no further expense.

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