Let’s talk about ‘Goals’ for a sec.

Nope, I am not talking about life goals. I am talking about your work, relevant milestones and the metric we use to measure whether an attempt was successful or otherwise.

Imagine you are playing soccer. When you see this in front of you with the ball dangling around your foot, what is your next step? To shoot for the goal? Or, just take it near the post?

Likewise, for entrepreneurs, specifically who handle the business end of ‘disruption’, the goal is not to bring your potential customers “near” your product through a call/demo/video/adverts; your goal is to “convert” them into paying customers; preferably recurrently.

So what stops conversions? You!

With services increasingly making it easy and efficient to reach out to potential customers, you’d think that there should be more conversions. But no, there aren’t. Why?

Major reason why conversions are less is because in an attempt to sound valuable, softwares can make pseudo metrics sound like real ones.

For eg. Softwares like hoot-suite, advert & write about how important it is to have your content calendar figured out so that they can up-sell their enterprise plan and move you out of the lite plan that you have today.

Similarly you can think of Alexa (Page-views & ranking to measure your success), Jira (Bug Tracking Vs. Closure) or Slack (Communication Vs. work getting done). Well, if you think about it, in each of these cases respectively,

  • Your goal in marketing is not to get post engagements through likes/comment; it is to get viewers to your product & convert or,

  • Your goal in Project Management is not to track issues; it’s to close them and launch products or,

  • Your goal in content marketing is not to manage and schedule blog posts; it is to get more views and close more deals or,

  • Your goal in email marketing is not to track open rates & click rates; it is to inform your readers/leads about your product and ultimately get revenue.

And doing this does not require a new tool or a new approach; it just requires you to clarify the definition of your ‘goals’ in your head. Once you are clear, it’s easy enough not to get distracted by pseudo metrics and measure yourself up against correct ones.

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