Keep It Stupid Simple

The best things in life are simple. Digital Products are no different. Overcomplicating and overthinking are so easy to do in Product development.

Don’t confuse “simple” with “easy”, though. It takes time and skill to make something as complicated as the user experience on a digital product look “simple”.

The best digital products require the user to perform the fewest amount of taps in order to perform or reach the task or function they want to do.

Also, when building a product, remember your MVP, and then think of additional features that will ENHANCE the user experience, not complicate it.

Far, far too many people developing their product think that the more things that an app can do, the more it will appeal to users, and the more users using their app will make them more money.

However, too many features and the app becomes useless because it drifts too far from its original intent, and too complicated for someone to use effectively.

Simple procedures and operations will always create a better user experience, and happy users are engaged users. Engaged and happy users talk to their friends about your app.

How we can learn from this:

The best way to test how easy your app is to use is to create a clickable wireframe prototype. Invision app is a good program to use, and it’s free.

Build a prototype, and let a friend use it. Don’t tell them anything about how to operate it, or its features. Just give them a goal, turn it over to them, and take some notes.

If they can understand and operate it the right away, you’re on the right path. If not, you have some work to do.

Keep testing and keep cutting down. You’ll have a great product in no time.


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