@Hypocrites: Here’s 5 other things we don’t mind waiting in line for!

Past few days, since our PM Narendra Modi announced demonetisation of INR 500 and INR 100o notes, we’ve all been running to our banks or ATMs and complaining about the queues that we encounter there. This inconvenience is only fueled even more by our media which constantly shows even longer queues in their chase for TRP.

So, I thought why don’t I make a list of 5 other things that we don’t mind waiting in line for; just so that we realise that ‘waiting in line’ for an hour a week, doesn’t mean END OF THE WORLD and we can finally stop acting like it.

1) Wait In Line to get into a pub on a Saturday night!

Leopold in Mumbai, Toit in Bangalore; wherever we are, there is a pub that we want to go to, on a Saturday night. We know that we should reach there by 6 pm but that annoying friend of ours gets stuck in a jam while picking us up. We end up reaching the pub by 7.30 and we have to wait. To no-one’s surprise, we do. We stand there cursing our friend. But, we WAIT IN LINE!

2) Wait in Line to buy Crackers on Diwali

Everybody says that firing crackers causes noise & air pollution; plus, causes discomfort to anything alive that’s not human. Hell, we must have said it ourselves at some point in the past. But, we go to that part of the city we’ve never been before and WAIT IN LINE to buy the Chinese ones so that our crackers sound a little louder than others’.

3) Wait in Line to get into a Temple

Tirupati, Vaishnodevi; countless others. We travel, probably, once a year to these holy places, climb about 5000 steps, make a healthy donation and then get a glimpse of the idol for about 3 secs! The point is, we WAIT IN LINE and go through a lot more trouble when we visit a temple or a holy place!

4) Wait in line to buy Ganthiya-Jalebi on Dussera

Okay, I am a Gujarati & I feel a sense of accomplishment when I buy Ganthiya-Jalebi on the day of Dussera after waiting an hour. You can think of a similar food-item but the point is, we WAIT IN LINE to get good food.

5) Wait in line at the bank, 10 years ago!

Oh yes, we did! There were fewer ATMs and far fewer people who knew how to operate it. Once every week, the head of the family used to go to the bank with a cheque book, write a cheque to “Self” and get cash. More importantly, at the time, you couldn’t even go to do that to other branches of you bank; let alone other banks! If you account was in SBI-Fort branch, you could only go there to get your money. Tough to believe, no? Ask you dad. He used to WAIT IN LINE at the bank!

So, the question actually is, how did we become so entitled and hypocritical that on one end, we don’t want a govt. that doesn’t take radical steps and when the same govt. does take them, we don’t want to be even mildly inconvenienced? Think about that for a moment.

If you are an honest person and still believe that you deserve to be treated better, there’s still hope.

Even if you think that black money launderers will find clever ways like buying Gold or Dollars at twice the rate in old currency; you can find ultimate solace in the fact that at-least they are being a lot more inconvenienced than you are.


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