Collaborate.. Okay, but why cloud?

I keep on asking one question to random people. “If you wanted to get something done, where would you go?”. I have been asking this to random people since past 2 years and surprisingly, no one said “I would go to the office”. People say ‘I would wake up early’ or ‘sit on my porch’ or ‘go to my study room’ and I have been trying to understand as to why wont people go to their offices? The companies pay rents, bills; some set up wifis, cafeterias and do a lot of stuff to make the work environment conducive! Why would people still not want to go to their office when they want to get something done?

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who works at an MNC. He wanted to get his report done that day and had not been able to.

“Nobody leaves me alone” He said..

Eureka! People dont want to get distracted! They want to go into their zone when they work. They want to work in a place where there are no involuntary distractions. They want their solace, a highly conducive environment for ideas and efficiency. Where they dont get tapped on shoulder for a meeting or poked on the back about a joke.

And there, comes in cloud. Cloud collaboration tool provides the flexibility to a person to work from anywhere, get reviews, make discussions, complete tasks and all this without being distracted. Work during commute or get things done whenever and wherever you want! Thus, the awesomeness.

P.S. I keep my blogs short and to the point.


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