Buffer and the coolest thing they did!

I believe in a very simple thing.

‘People’ are a company’s single biggest resource.

Losing interest of your people is worse than losing them all together. Now, I am not the first one to realize that. People have previously realized and done a lot not to let that happen. Companies draft ‘HR strategies’, plan local ‘outings’, provide free lunches, conduct seminars and run ‘employee of the month’ campaigns. They would work, except that every single company does that and just like banner advertisements or superlatives, people have a blind-side towards those.

I couldn't get hold of coffee today morning. So, I started scouting the internet in search of something that might wake me up. Scrolled Fb, TNW, Mashable and How stuff works; I was still yawning, probably more than before and went ahead to check my mail. My Inbox blinked with an article from some website, the newsletter of which I had subscribed when I was a novice net-ster.

The title read “Company publishes the salaries of their employees”.

Shaken, I thought it might have been published by mistake.

God save the management of this company,” I thought..

One of the things that binds an employee to the company is the level of transparency it maintains. Same is the case with Govt. and agencies. People are not robots. They work more with emotions than capabilities; more with attachments than efficiencies. The more they know, the more attached they feel. Regardless of them aligning with your thought-process behind driving the company; if you care to explain and convey, it is enough for your people. Builds trust and bond that no other action; especially strategies drafted by HR can build.

Buffer (bufferapp.com) is one of the companies which has excelled at this. In addition to publishing monthly revenues, buffer also puts up their user counts and other key numbers. An employee feels more connected with a report published regarding numbers every month rather than receiving a motivational message from the Chief Executive. An employee genuinely feels happy and satisfied or gets worried and concerned. More than that, he feels connected; an emotion of ownership has been induced.

Buffer has also published the formula for calculating employee’s salaries. Find below.

Things like these might not be possible for all the companies around but something around the lines of transparency can always attract and attach more people to your company. There might be other ways out there; other ways which lead to ‘building a culture’.

Philosophy is more important than guidelines. Founding is more important than incorporating and culture is more important than ‘code of conduct’.


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