An ‘Idea’ is not a ‘Plan’

The first lesson we learned at Gridle was the most important one: have a plan and stick to it.

In fact, it’s so important that it might as well be a rule. What you should also learn is that AN IDEA IS NOT A PLAN. Lots of people have ideas for apps. Good ideas, bad ideas. Very few app ideas actually to turn into reality. Why?

Having ideas is easy. Making plans is hard.

Plans incorporate budgets and functional outlines and development milestones and promotional opportunities, tangible components that lead to completion of a goal.

Ideas, well, are just ideas. They aren’t useful until you put them into action. Plus if you’re working with a purpose and towards a goal, you won’t be distracted by things that WILL come up during development, like meeting schedules and deadlines and conflict.

Change Requests Kill!

Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to change things when they don’t need to be changed. Everything you want to build in an app needs to be mapped out during the planning phase, so when it’s getting developed, there shouldn’t be any unnecessary last minute changes after. Then once you have a scope of work defined and outlined, do not change it. Unless you absolutely have to. Do not say “oh, but could we just add one more thing?” when your app is halfway built. Do that beforehand.

Changing a prototype or a wireframe is a lot less expensive than changing code.

Your developers, designers, project managers and everyone involved with the production of your app will hate you forever. Aside from aggravating your technical team, there are financial reasons to consider. Every last minute minor change and tiny tweak takes time and costs money. Also if you’re racing competitors to market, and are trying to reduce prices for your consumers, constant changes will delay your app and cause you to miss your opportunity.


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